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Our Team

Anni Baillieu

Anni worked with British Airways in Sydney for 7 years prior to becoming involved in the Agency. She is widely travelled and involved in the local community and particularly enjoys the small group journeys she creates for her clients with France, India, Sri Lanka, Africa and South America being high on her list of favourite destinations.

Carol Franklin 

Carol joined the Agency in 1996 and has extensive experience with destinations such as Canada and Africa being among her favourite and cruising whether
in Antarctica or the rivers of France, close behind. Her professionalism, knowledge andattention to detail are legendary.

Elise Fuller

Elise started working at the agency in 1999 and in her younger years backpacked to all four corners of the Globe. Elise particularly enjoys organising family getaways, often her own! Elise is passionate about her job and rates India and Africa amongst her favourite places to visit.

Michele Whitham 

Michele has in depth experience of New Zealand, her original home, but her extensive international experience and her calm demeanour will ensure that wherever you are going she will organise your arrangements with maximum efficiency.

Denise Bradley 

Denise joined the Agency in 2010 after an earlier pre-family career in retail travel and working for Qantas. Denise has travelled extensively throughout the world and looks after domestic bookings as well as specialising in the Pacific and Asia including the very popular cruise options out of Australia.

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